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Wait, people who are asked “What other student groups are you involved with” don’t always think “Gosh, I should try and downplay my involvement so they don’t think I’m too busy”? People want to emphasize the stuff they already do instead?


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The Boren Scholarship offers up to $20,000 for a year-long language program. Being used to Northwestern’s prices, I was worried that the scholarship wouldn’t cover the program I wanted.
The ideal program costs $7,000 for the whole year.

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Gender nonconforming kids and adolescents are more likely to be on the autism spectrum than gender conforming kids, according to the WPATH Standards Of Care.

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"A disorder is a description of something with which a person might
struggle, not a description of the person or the person’s identity."
WPATH Standards of Care
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No but the fact that there are no trans* people in my class where we’re grappling with how transness is medicalized bothers me. I would like please to be able to talk to someone who is directly affected by, say, whether or not “gender dysphoria” is in the DSM about the readings we’re doing.

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If I write my second performance review on an MIA concert, that would count as a school expense, right?

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My cousins the best at snapchat and you can’t convince me otherwise

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Featured Artist #21: Rubis Firenos

Rubis is a French artist who uses several techniques to create beautiful pictures of fantastic creatures. In addition to watercolor and ink, she also developed a technique called O-Ka-Fee based on painting with coffee.

More Rubis@: | deviantART | CfD |


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Ingrid Michaelson’s “Afterlife” is a Nac Mac Feegle anthem.

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Actually I think when people apologize and are trying to fix the problem, we should accept their apology and hold them to those changes.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just appeasing the oppressor or something. Or maybe I just don’t know what getting angry and assigning blame is working toward.

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Tumblr celebrates Earth Day

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