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Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? Hi, I'm, Sunjay and I like warm hugs!
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Awa Ceesay and Brenda Mutoni for ROBERT WUN FW/14 ‘VOLT’ U+Magazine

Photography - Sebastian Abugattas
Director - Robert Wun
Art Director - Naomi James
Producer - Diago Mariotta Mendez
Assistant - Loko Yu / Kamran Rajput
Photography assistant - Ingrid Pumayalla
Hair - Adam Szabo
Make up - Joanna Banach

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do you ever get cuddle frustrated? Not sexually frustrated, but just get really frustrated and asdfghklg because you’re not cuddling someone right now and you just really need to feel someone with their arms around you and bury your face in their neck and just feel them close


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new aesthetic: surreal pop punk

your shorts are glowing and are made of a material not known to this world. your vans die and regenerate every night. every band does covers of gregorian chants. your bangs extend into infinity.

fall out void

Abandon your mortal form and ascend to a higher plane! at the disco

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Personally, I think kids otherwise not having access to preventative medicine for easily curable diseases is among the least compelling reasons imaginable for saying that they shouldn’t be allowed in the US.

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In this unique series called Donut Doubles, St. Louis-based photographer Brandon Voges found clever ways to compare people’s faces to different types of donuts.

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Last night was actually cool for once so I got a good night’s sleep despite being awake late thanks to çay with dinner.
Also to resolve the posts from last night: I don’t think the reason I was feeling overwhelmed was because I’d been abroad too long but because the shortness of the program meant I felt like I hadn’t made as much progress as I wanted and I didn’t have time to build friendships organically the way I will in Pune.

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I don’t endorse this argument but I’m posting it because it’s something to think about:

There is a spider somewhere on your body. Spiders are incredibly common any place that small invertebrates exist. Do you remember the last time you saw, felt, or heard a small invertebrate? It was in the past day, was it not? Those invertebrates have predators. Have you encountered a spiderweb recently? If so, where is the spider now? If not, what sort of spider is so sneaky it doesn’t need a web?
I’ll tell you. The spider that is crawling just slightly too lightly for your skin to feel it. That is the spider. You have a spider on you.
Spiders also are born in large batches of eggs. That spider is not alone.

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he is so smart

wonderful Potter

with his scar

and his broomstick

- actual canon line by Draco Malfoy

#’you have told me this at least a dozen times already’ - actual canon reply by lucius

Is there a link to proof…

(it’s not actually canon)

xcuse you

are you calling me a liar


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I’m also worried because if I’m already burnt out on abroadness after seven weeks in a place as easily accessible and culturally familiar as Istanbul, that doesn’t bode well for three months in Pune, which will be a lot less comfortable, all things considered.
I’m also worried because I have basically a week to convince a professor recently back from vacation that my Fulbright idea is good even though I’ve had literally no one who knows anything to talk to about it, and to convince that professor to write me a letter of affiliation despite barely meeting me once or twice, and to find another program I can put on the Boren application given that there are literally no year-long language programs in Turkey and that Boğaziçi is the only place it’s at all reasonable for me to study in with Turkish as a second language.

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I also think I’ve lost the self-discipline to make myself not stare at Tumblr for an hour at a time when I have homework. Or do focused breathing. Or construct arguments using evidence rather than vaguely remembered points that don’t fit together coherently.

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